Mildew, and Mold, and Moisture! Oh, My!

Ventilation fans, also known as exhaust fans, help circulate the air inside a home. This helps keep a house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Fans accomplish this by circulating warm/cool air. Ventilation fans also help prevent the growth of mildew and mold in places such as attics or Continue reading

Ventilation Fans’ Contribution to Workplace Safety

A lot of research has been done towards mitigating the harmful effects of exposure to industrial processes for workers. Of particular concern to researchers is air quality in industrial environments. As researchers’ knowledge of how humans respond to contact with the byproducts of industrial products and processes becomes more complete, the importance of limiting that contact becomes more Continue reading

Weighing Exhaust Fan Options

There’s an ongoing debate within industry about what kind of exhaust fan configuration is best: belt drive or direct drive. If you do some research, you’re likely to find that the debate boils down to two factors: individual preference and who you ask. Naturally, if you ask a company that’s in the direct drive blower business, they’ll tell you about how much easier to clean direct drive blowers are and how they’re less likely to expose workers to potentially dangerous fumes during maintenance. If you ask Continue reading