Mine Duty Fans

Walk into any factory, warehouse or other industrial facility and you’ll be likely to see some kind of ventilation equipment before too long. As labor rules and regulations have developed in the United States over the years, laws pertaining to workplace air quality have grown strict and specific, which has meant that utilities that can help with ventilation and air quality control in industrial environments have become very important. While this is quite true in factories and Continue reading

Weighing Exhaust Fan Options

There’s an ongoing debate within industry about what kind of exhaust fan configuration is best: belt drive or direct drive. If you do some research, you’re likely to find that the debate boils down to two factors: individual preference and who you ask. Naturally, if you ask a company that’s in the direct drive blower business, they’ll tell you about how much easier to clean direct drive blowers are and how they’re less likely to expose workers to potentially dangerous fumes during maintenance. If you ask Continue reading