Cooling Off with Misting Fans

There are many different types of industrial blowers utilized for an array of applications. Mainly, these blowers are used to move stagnant air and create air circulation in large industrial areas. The large fans can be found in factories, warehouses, plants and other large industrial buildings, typically where humidity and Continue reading

The Wall of Air

Out of all the cool spaceships and vessels in the Star Wars universe, one of my more favorite is the star destroyer. The aircraft carries of Empire’s space fleet, these mammoth ships carry armies and fleets of imperial troopers and fighters to the edges of the universe to secure the dominance of the Empire. One thing I was more fascinated with was Continue reading

Bingo Blowers and the History of Bingo

Whenever I hear the word Bingo I think of my Great Grandma playing at her nursing home. We called her Grandma M&Ms. I was never sure why back then but later found out it’s because she used to wear an M&Ms costume every Halloween. When she played bingo they had a motor-driven bingo blower holding Ping-Pong balls with bingo numbers on it. The host would pull out a ball and Continue reading

Do Air Blowers Matter?

Air blower manufacturers play a key role in multiple sectors of modern economies. Every building that makes use of a forced air heating system makes use of some variety of fan or blower. If you take just a moment to imagine how many buildings there are just in the city where you live, it should be Continue reading

Air Blowers are Important to Industry

If you were to drive through an industrial park in any given city, it’s likely that eventually you’d see a collection of one or two inverted silos suspended above a loading bay. Those silos would be connected to a few metal tubes, which would run away from the inverted silo and either into a building or into other silos. Nearby the tangle of tubing and the silos would be some rectangular equipment and maybe a control panel. What you’re looking at is a pneumatic conveyor system, a conveyance system that uses pressurized air to move powdered objects, granulated materials and Continue reading