Do Air Blowers Matter?

Air blower manufacturers play a key role in multiple sectors of modern economies. Every building that makes use of a forced air heating system makes use of some variety of fan or blower. If you take just a moment to imagine how many buildings there are just in the city where you live, it should be Continue reading

Blower Manufacturers and Trade Shows

One of the most common applications for blowers is in ventilation systems. Just think for a moment about how many buildings there are in the United States. How many of those buildings have at least one air conditioning or heating system installed? How many fans and blowers does it take to keep all of those systems running? Blowers are just one aspect of our very important heating and cooling infrastructure that we can sometimes overlook. Blower manufactures play an Continue reading

Vacuum Blowers Make Central Vacs Possible

When I was in college, I worked as a custodian between classes. I worked the day shift, which meant that I was told to be minimally disruptive during the execution of my duties, which involved cleaning restrooms, emptying garbage cans, changing light bulbs and attending to random, unscheduled messes as they presented themselves. Frequently, vacuuming would be a necessary part of Continue reading

Mine Duty Fans

Walk into any factory, warehouse or other industrial facility and you’ll be likely to see some kind of ventilation equipment before too long. As labor rules and regulations have developed in the United States over the years, laws pertaining to workplace air quality have grown strict and specific, which has meant that utilities that can help with ventilation and air quality control in industrial environments have become very important. While this is quite true in factories and Continue reading

Ventilation Fans’ Contribution to Workplace Safety

A lot of research has been done towards mitigating the harmful effects of exposure to industrial processes for workers. Of particular concern to researchers is air quality in industrial environments. As researchers’ knowledge of how humans respond to contact with the byproducts of industrial products and processes becomes more complete, the importance of limiting that contact becomes more Continue reading

Regenerative Blowers are Efficient and Economical

Ametek Regenerative Blower

Regenerative blower image courtesy of Ametek.

There are a lot of reasons why regenerative blowers are valuable utilities for their users. No one benefit is necessarily more meaningful or significant than another, but one of the most easily recognizable benefits of these blowers is their low level of required monitoring and Continue reading

Air Blowers are Important to Industry

If you were to drive through an industrial park in any given city, it’s likely that eventually you’d see a collection of one or two inverted silos suspended above a loading bay. Those silos would be connected to a few metal tubes, which would run away from the inverted silo and either into a building or into other silos. Nearby the tangle of tubing and the silos would be some rectangular equipment and maybe a control panel. What you’re looking at is a pneumatic conveyor system, a conveyance system that uses pressurized air to move powdered objects, granulated materials and Continue reading

The Many Types of High Velocity Fans

“High velocity fan” is one of those terms that can be ascribed to many products despite meaning something specific. Here’s the definition of a high-velocity fan. A high velocity fan is a fan whose blades or impellers rotate or spin at high velocities. This is not a very useful definition, so it’s no surprise that the term “high-velocity fan” is used to describe a lot of different products that are very different from each other. Let’s Continue reading

Understanding Axial Fans and Radial Fans

What’s the difference between a radial fan and an axial fan? Let’s start with the easier of the two subjects. The word “axial” evokes something that is arranged around an axis. Axial fans are so named because they feature fans with blades that are attached to a center axle. These kinds of blades spin around that axle like hands on a clock, and they are among the fan varieties whose identity as fans is often the most Continue reading