Blower Manufacturers and Trade Shows

One of the most common applications for blowers is in ventilation systems. Just think for a moment about how many buildings there are in the United States. How many of those buildings have at least one air conditioning or heating system installed? How many fans and blowers does it take to keep all of those systems running? Blowers are just one aspect of our very important heating and cooling infrastructure that we can sometimes overlook. Blower manufactures play an important role in helping the country meet its needs for heating and cooling equipment. And, as we’ve just demonstrated, those needs are great.

It’s no surprise, considering the enormous need for blowers in the United States, that there are entire trade shows devoted to the exchange of information about blowers and related heating and cooling equipment. The 2021 AHR Expo in Chicago just wound up yesterday, and it featured more than 2,000 companies and their exhibits. Those companies represented the heating and cooling industries of more than 30 countries, and the event was host to more than 50,000 visitors, among whom were engineers, customers and persons of interest involved in some way in the heating and cooling industry. This was an opportunity for blower manufacturers to exchange information about their trade with each other and to build connections between operations.

Because our need for blowers and related heating and cooling projects is so great, it’s important that we have venues such as the trade expo where innovation and intradisciplinary communication and development can be fostered. The AHR Expo is just one of a half-dozen major similar expos in the United States, and that number doesn’t include the many expositions that will be carried out in other parts of the world. Blower manufacturers play an important role in our economy, and it’s important in their industry, as in other industries, that they have opportunities to nurture innovation and communication.

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